John Pruna

Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

John Pruna is the Chief Executive Officer, Functional Rehabilitation Director and co-founder of P5 Performance. John has a well versed and decorated tenure in healthcare, fitness and business development for well over 15 years. John’s passion for the health and fitness industry is undeniable, which is evident by his multiple certifications by NASM and NESTA in athletic performance enhancement, MMA/boxing conditioning and personal training. The foundation of his programs are centered around personal development and self- improvement while his methods are specifically engineered to produce optimal results and peak performance. In 2012 his boxing fitness class was recognized by Title Boxing Club as the “Best Power Hour workout” nationwide. Soon after, he dove into corporate wellness and started his own company E.P.I.C. Fitness which amassed a strong following prior to the launch of P5 Performance. Over the course of his career, John has had the privilege to work with several performance athletes, physique competitors and other fitness enthusiasts. His motivational techniques and signature training style has helped numerous people transform their physique. More importantly, he inspired them to change their mentality to live a healthier lifestyle and to constantly challenge their limits. His mantra,

“Your only competition is to Be Better Than You Were Yesterday.”