Cryotherapy Significantly Raises Heart Rate Variability

HRV, Cryotherapy & Your Health


Heart Rate Variability is a great indicator for physical fitness & performance but also for how the body handles stress. HRV is simply the variation of time in between each heartbeat. It’s important because the lower the HRV, the worse the physical health & wellness. The higher the HRV, the healthier the person is & the better the ability to respond to stress. HRV monitoring is huge in the fitness community right now & is even used to build & plan training programs. These & other studies show the benefits of high HRV:

  • The higher the HRV at rest, the lower the resting & working heart rate for performance
  • The higher the HRV at rest, the better the recovery heart rate for regeneration ability
  • The higher the HRV at rest, the faster regeneration takes place for quick recovery after exertion
  • The higher the HRV at rest, the less the individual strain

So the conclusion is that we want high HRV not low HRV.


 So how does cryotherapy impact HRV? One study found that following a session of cryotherapy, the dominant activity of the parasympathetic nervous system shows a definite increase which results in an increase in HRV. According to this study, HRV at rest after a cryotherapy session is significantly higher.

Another study found that following a session of cryotherapy, the HRV is significantly higher than without cryotherapy.

Frisco cryotherapy


These 2 studies show us that cryotherapy significantly raises heart rate variability. Since we know the benefits listed above for higher HRV are improved performance, regeneration, recovery, less strain during activity, and better response to stress, cryotherapy has become one of the best ways to increase HRV. Whether you’re sedentary, active, injured, healthy, or simply need a healthier response to stress, an increased HRV can make a big impact on your health. Get in and get your cryotherapy session, increase your HRV, and increase your wellness!