About Us

At P5 Performance, we believe in human potential medicine.  In the race of life, we find ourselves battling high levels of stress, low energy, anxiety and chronic pain management issues.  With this in mind, we created a wellness model that brought all health care specialist together under one roof.  We have a chiropractor and functional rehab specialist working together for a patient’s care plan.  Our programs are personalized, patient, persistent, passionate, and purposeful.

Our goal is to produce a better YOU and we believe we can do that with the P5 Prescription, an evidence based and clinically tested 3 step program.  This program combines structural, functional, and corrective techniques for a faster recovery that will maximize a person’s potential both physically and mentally.

Our Model:

  • Step 1: Massage Therapy: We maximize range of motion by addressing any soft tissue restrictions before activating muscles in this new range to make tissue changes that last.
  • Step 2: Chiropractic: We enhance body mechanism using evidence-based techniques, enabling joints and muscles to perform as they should.
  • Step 3: Physical Therapy: We optimize performance by mastering functional movement patterns before advancing to goal specific programming.

We specialize in:

  • Physical Rehab
  • Sports Medicine
  • Muscle Recovery & Pain Relief
  • Performance Enhancement
  • Cyrotherapy & Compression Therapy